Trouble updating mugen chars

This is one of the key attacks that Jeibu learns from Geji.

Jeibu's version will actually hit harder, be a bit slower, and Geji's version has additional hits and range, making it better offensively and pressuring blocking foes.

This is a quick gif to show off the versatility of Geji's Neutron Kick.

I had ended up completely scripting this attack from the original version of it I had made for Jeibu.

-It may be a while before I'm able to address any of the bugs/issues with the characters or even to respond to this post since my pc is on the fritz.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their patience with regards to these characters I know it hasn't been an easy wait for some, thanks for your time.-Peace.

Doing this however will not give him the invulnerability that he normally gets during the step, the attack will also do less damage.

Please let me know.-All include Custom AI by Veanko-Special thanks to Enscripture, Iced, Robot Monkey Head, Saikoro, Reza, Rolento, Jmorphman, Thomas Hsieh, Ruben, O Ilusionista, Halfshell, Shockdingo, Divine Wolf, Bowser Koopa, Max Beta, Cybaster, Dee Devil Bat, Balthazar, Mala Ding Dong, Rukifelith for providing ample support, resources, feedback, & contributions to the characters.

Really you guys have done way too much for me to mention here in the time I've been allotted to make this post so please if I've forgotten anyone here, just let me say thank you for all your help!

Though it's basically not realistically doable for Nexon to add more frames.

Because that means they need to make a new frame for each armor...

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