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The same overwhelming percentage of those are reporting seeing increased exposure as a result, and more than half say their social media efforts are boosting sales. Here’s a look at five trends that appear set to change how businesses use social media in the year ahead. And Slack already has a sizable cohort of competitors going after a piece of the pie.

Its intuitive interface, built around themed chat rooms and searchable archives, has propelled it to more than 1.25 million active business users in just two years’ time, from the team at NASA to the team at your local coffee shop.

VC managers are, however, different from other fund managers as they manage funds that typically: These differences make some fund management rules that are currently imposed on VC managers less relevant.

4 MAS therefore intends to simplify the authorisation process and regulatory regime for VC managers.

The simplified regime also takes into account the extent of contractual safeguards that are already present in typical fund management contracts negotiated by VC managers’ sophisticated investor base.

5 Under the proposed simplified authorisation process, MAS will focus primarily on fitness and propriety assessment of the VC managers.

Content shared by employees, by one recent measure, gets eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

Some report thousands of social media sites and apps, Wikipedia lists over 200 and Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism has just under 200 social channel options in 26 categories.

To simplify the selection of social channels I divide social media options into 9 categories by key characteristics.

Find out more about Singapore's role as a vibrant and sophisticated financial centre serving the region and global markets and the depth and breadth of products and services offered by the multitude of industry players here. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today published a consultation paper proposing a simplified authorisation process and regulatory framework for managers of venture capital funds (VC managers).

The move is part of MAS’ broader efforts to promote financing for enterprise development.

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