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While dating, there is one (often left unstated) rule that gives men far too much freedom and power: Men are entitled to seek out younger women, but have no obligation to date older women.

As a 26-year-old single Black woman who frequents dating websites, I watch this rule play out on a daily basis.

I’ve posed the same question to many other “older men” seeking my attention or affection, both in realtime and online. In truth, I have nothing against dating older men, per se.We also assume that a bad girl is not looking for anything too serious, so it's safe for us not to look for anything serious."Bad Girls" Are Intimidating This is my biggest issue. I love confidence, but that confidence has to be a quiet confidence — not in your face confidence.Most guys don't want to admit it, but they don't necessarily want to be in bed with a girl who knows more than they do(though a Catholic school girl probably knows more than I do, so I'm always on the defensive in bed)."Bad Girls" Seem Promiscuous I'm not sure if anyone likes promiscuity. Either way, a woman who seems promiscuous will get hit on because a guy wants to take her home, but it usually doesn't amount to anything in the end."Bad Girls" Style Are Less Mysterious I've always thought the nerdy girl who covers up her figure underneath is sexy. I wouldn't complain about a woman showing too much skin, but I don't find it as compelling.It's tough, though, because, while we like innocent women, we don't like to be bored. I like an innocent girl with a bad streak that comes out once in a while.My buddies and I also theorized that women all go through a bad guy phase.

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You don’t need to make like Stifler’s mom and prey on young 18-year-old boys. What you need to do is embrace the incredible sexual power you possess—and stop making excuses for why you can’t. If there’s one complaint I hear from younger men—and the reason they’re interested in older women, is that they’re a little tired of the same old scene and games.

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