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And finally: Student 1, Student 2 and Student 3 all attend the same school.

Student 1 takes nude images of him/herself or a sexual body part and then sends the image to Student 2 and Student 3.

Safety and accident prevention are the common theme throughout the program. Course content includes: program reaches children of all learning-types.Please check back soon or contact us for information about when the next course will be held.THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this story was posted here before but Jake denied it and said he and Alissa never dated (which turned out to be a lie from recent events) and Jake made a song which he didn’t release called the third verse where he admits what really happened, but wont release it as he made up with his brother.Innovative digital and traditional gaming techniques provide a fun and positive learning environment.Engaged participants learn valuable life skills to help them make safer choices when on their own.

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