Daren kagasoff is dating shailene woodley

The procedure creates microscopic holes in the skin, which allows topical, collagen-building medicines to be absorbed deep through the layers of tissue. Jill Waibel applies a laser to the arm of Kim Phuc to reduce the pain and appearance of her burn scars in Miami.

Phuc was burned in the back and left arm by a napalm bomb in Vietnam over 40 years ago.

It explores how the pregnancy affects her, her peers, and her family.

After her sister starts high school, Amy finds how virtually everyone at school carries a secret or an unexpected problem. Portrayed by Shailene Woodley, Amy gets pregnant after a one-night stand at band camp before her freshman year of high school.

She's been previously linked to most of her co-stars including Theo James (Divergent), Ansel Elgort (Fault In Our Stars), Shiloh Fernandez (White Bird In A Blizzard) and Daren Kagasoff (Secret Life Of An American Teenager).'I fall in love with people based on who they are,' she said.

In this June 8, 1972 photo, nine-year-old Kim Phuc, center, runs with her brothers and cousins, followed by South Vietnamese forces, down Route 1 near Trang Bang after a South Vietnamese plane accidentally dropped its flaming napalm on its own troops and civilians.

The terrified girl had ripped off her burning clothes while fleeing. Jill Waibel (right) of Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute examines Kim Phuc (left) before the first of several laser treatments to reduce pain and the appearance of burn scars in her back and left arm. Jill Waibel, left, applies a laser to the arm of Kim Phuc to reduce the pain and appearance of her burn scars in Miami.

"I said no, and everybody was shocked," the actress recalled.

Fortunately for fans, Woodley changed her mind after having a heart-to-heart with fellow young franchise star (and now an Oscar winner) Jennifer Lawrence.

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